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Saffold Foldout Fire Escape Ladder

Installation Video

How to install the Saffold fixed fire escape ladder

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Configure Your Ladder


To ensure your fire escape ladder is the correct length we need to know a couple of measurements.

What measurements do we need?

Measurement A Metres

Measurement B Metres

Extension Handle

We offer an optional pull-out extension handle which is designed to give additional support to the user when climbing off a flat roof.


Product Overview

The Saffold foldout fire escape ladder can be quickly released, using the anti-tamper pin, to create a sturdy secondary means of escape. When not is use the low-profile design of the ladder (only 74mm) deters potential vandals, eliminates unwanted access of the ladder and does not detract from the building's appearance.

  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Anodised aluminium ladder with stainless steel fixings
  • Load tested to BS EN 131-2:1993 by SGS, one of the leading UK certification bodies
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Extra wide anti slip rungs make descent easier for users
  • Maximum load weight of 300kg per section of ladder
  • Slimline profile only protrudes from the wall by 74mm
  • Complete fixtures supplied with the ladder, including the necessary drill bits
  • Supplied with instructional DVD

Ladder Lengths Made To Order

Modular sections of 1.5, 1.8 and 2.7 metre lengths allow the Saffold to be made to fit almost any length. With BS EN 131-2:1993 certification of safety and our 15 year manufacturer’s warranty, the Saffold ladder is a quality product, providing an innovative solution to fire escape.


Premises with Multiple Floors

If you need to access the Saffold ladder from more than one floor we can provide release stations which allow the ladder to be opened from individual floors while maintaining the access of the floors above.

Installing the Saffold ladder release station

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How It Works

Low profile Appearance

When the Saffold ladder is not in use the anti-slip rungs are concealed within its own low-profile. The closed ladder is only 74mm deep and has an appearing much like that of a drainpipe or cable trunking meaning it is unobtrusive.

Deploying the Ladder

Upon releasing the anti-tamper pin (located at top of the ladder), the ladder is opened out away from the wall with the rungs falling into place as the rail extends to form a sturdy, fixed fire escape ladder. The bottom rung of the ladder should ideally be located 55cm from the ground when installing the unit, so that when the ladder is used in an emergency the final step is not too far for the user.

Once the ladder has been deployed you can secure safety harnesses to the outer rail to give users peace of mind and also added security when descending the ladder.


Installation of the Saffold ladder can be carried out by any competent DIY person. We provide a step-by-step DVD that shows how to erect your fire escape ladder and also shows you all of the features and benefits that you will enjoy. All fixtures and fittings are provided with the ladder, these include:

  • Anchorage bolts
  • Drill bits
  • Wall brackets
  • Locking pin

The ladder when opened must NOT touch the ground. This is important to avoid any rubble blocking the full opening of the ladder

The installation DVD can be bought separately prior to purchase so that you can decide whether you would be capable of installation yourself or whether you would need to seek assistance.



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