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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Saffold fire escape ladder be used to practice evacuations?

Yes, the Saffold ladder is capable of regular use and can be used for practice evacuations. It may be worth noting that evacuation practice would be inappropriate should the ladder be installed at a window that needs to be smashed as part of the evacuation process.

How do I calculate the length of Saffold ladder I require?

To calculate the length your Saffold ladder needs to be please refer to the measurement instructions on the relevant type of ladder and then enter the required measurement(s)into the calculator.

Can the Saffold ladder be installed on listed buildings?

Yes, the Saffold ladder has been successfully installed on many listed buildings.

What colours is the Saffold ladder available in?

The ladder is available as standard in anodised aluminium, white, black and green finishes but if you have a specific requirement the ladders can be powder coated in any RAL colour.

Can the Saffold ladder be used with a bottom release pin to climb up from a basement to ground floor?

Yes, unlike many portable escape ladders, the Saffold ladder is designed to allow fire escape when ascent out of the building is required. To achieve this the anti-tamper pin should be used at the bottom position.

Is the Saffold ladder suitable as a platform to work from?

Yes, the Saffold ladder is perfect for this application when used in conjunction with the appropriate PPE.

Can the Saffold ladder be used by a single user?

Yes, unlike traditional ladders, the saffold ladder is safe for use by a single operator when used in conjunction with the appropriate PPE.



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