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Saffold Foldout Fire Escape Ladder

In the event of a fire, an additional means of escape is essential to ensure that occupants on the upper floors of a building can escape quickly and safely without panic. The Saffold ladder provides a fixed, sturdy fire escape that is easy to use and does not compromise the security of the building. 

From £172.59 ex VAT

The slimline design and discreet appearance ensure that unwanted attention is not drawn to the ladder. The anti-tamper locking pin (securing the ladder closed at the top) prevents unauthorised access from the bottom and ensures that the rungs and mechanism cannot be tampered with.

Safe and Easy to Use

The ladder is engineered to be self-supporting, with each rung adding to its overall load-bearing capacity. The distance between each rung makes descending the ladder comfortable and does not require over-stretching. We also offer a range of accessories that could aid your evacuation in an emergency.

Saffold Foldout Access Ladder

Regular access is often required to areas that can normally only be reached using specialist equipment, such as ladders or scaffolding. This can be costly and time consuming, and usually requires multiple workers. The Saffold ladder provides a secure, permanent and safe means of access.

From £172.59 ex VAT

Available with locking options at either the top or the bottom, the ladder is ideal for access upwards to rooftops, air conditioning units, cables, etc. as well as downwards to manholes, pipes and lower levels. The discreet appearance and optional keylocks help to eradicate unwanted use and tampering.

Durable and Robust

The anodised aluminium construction and stainless steel fittings ensure that the Saffold ladder can withstand the test of time. Once installed, the ladder provides a stable working platform that can be operated safely by a single worker when used in conjunction with a safety harness.



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